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Design & Printing

We offer printing options for short and long term display life. Paper posters are an option for short term ads, as they carry a 4 week display life (single use only - cannot be rotated). Vinyl printing, on the other hand, has a 12 month display life, and can be moved to multiple locations during the course of the contract.  Art proofs are included in printing costs.

Poster Printing: $275.00

Vinyl Printing: $550.00

(Additional charge for sizes larger than

 300 square feet)


Once a contract is agreed upon and the vinyl has been received from the printer(provided by Sapp or from the customer), installation can proceed at the desired location. Our experienced installation crew takes the utmost care to ensure a clean and symmetrical display area. 


To us, it is not only important to make the billboard itself look professional, but also to maintain the land under and leading up to it. Not only is your name on the sign, ours is too. Our employees take the time to ensure your display is installed and maintained in a first class condition. Illuminated locations are checked periodically to ensure that they are functioning properly. This helps us to achieve our ultimate goal - to present your design clearly and to as many people as possible.


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